Workshop Program, September 12 2003

8:30 - 8:45 Registration/Breakfast/Dibner Building: LC400
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8:45 - 9:00 Welcome and opening remarks
Shivendra Panwar (Polytechnic University)

9:00 - 9:30 Invited talk: Cooperative Communications
David Goodman (Polytechnic University)
slides (ppt)

9:35 - 10:50 Measurement
Session Chair: Dan Duchamp (Stevens Institute of Technology)

"Overcoming Precision Limitations in Adaptive Bandwidth Measurements",
Marc Pucci, Allen McIntosh, James Alberi, Thomas Raleigh (Telcordia Technologies)
paper (pdf), slides (pdf)

"Toward Representative Internet Measurements",
Aditya Akella, Srinivasan Seshan (Carnegie Mellon University),  Anees Shaikh (IBM TJ Watson     Research Center)
paper (pdf), slides (ppt)

"A Black-box QoS Measurement Methodology for VoIP End-points",
 Wenyu Jiang, Henning Schulzrinne (Columbia University)
paper (pdf), slides (ppt)

11:05-11:55 Security

Session Chair: Ahmet Eskicioglu (CUNY Brooklyn College/Graduate Center)

"Denial-of-Service-Resistant IP Traceback Approach",
Bao-Tung Wang, Henning Schulzrinne (Columbia University)
paper (pdf), slides (pdf)
"Cascade: An Attack-Resistant DHT",
Alexander Mohr, Mayank Mishra (Stony Brook University)

paper (pdf), slides (ppt)

Lunch and Student Poster Session
Foyer (ground floor), Dibner Building

1:20-3:00 Wireless and Ad Hoc Network
Session Chair: Marc Pucci (Telcordia Technologies)

"Comparison of Flooding and Random Routing in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks"
Daejoong Kim, Nick Maxemchuk (Columbia University)
paper (pdf), slides (pdf)

"GPS-IP based Fast-handoff for Mobiles"
Ashutosh Dutta, Sunil Madhani, Wai Chen
(Telcordia Technologies), Shengwei Cai, Onur Altintas (Toyota InfoTechnology Center)
paper (pdf), slides (ppt)

"Mechanism Design for Efficient Decentralized Network Control: The Case of Power Allocation in Wireless Networks"
Virgilio Rodriguez (Polytechnic University)
paper (pdf), slides (pdf)

"Multimedia Clock Synchronization over IEEE 802.11 WLAN"
Javier del Prado, Saishankar Nandagopalan (Philips Research USA), Sunghyun Choi (Seoul National University)
paper (pdf), slides (ppt)

3:00 - 3:15 Break

LC400, Dibner Building

3:15 - 4:55 Network Architecture, Protocols, and QoS

Session Chair:
Alexander Mohr (Stony Brook University)

"A New Transport Network Architecture with Joint Time and Wavelength Multiplexing"
Indra Widjaja, Iraj Saniee (Bell Labs, Lucent Technologies)
paper (pdf), slides (pdf)

"On the Performance of MPLS TE Queues for QoS Routing"
 Chia Liu (AT&T), Yihan Li, Shivendra Panwar (Polytechnic University)
paper (pdf), slides (pdf)

"Alternatives to End-to-End Congestion Control"
Daniel Duchamp (Stevens Institute of Technology)
paper (pdf), slides (ps)

"A Generic Event Notification System Using XML and SIP"
Knarig Arabshian, Henning Schulzrinne (Columbia University)
paper (pdf), slides (ppt)

5:10 - 6:50 Sensor Networks and Hot Topics

Session Chair:
Saishankar Nandagopalan (Philips Research USA)

"Alpha Tree in Sensor Network"
Patrick Cheung, Nick Maxemchuk (Columbia University)
paper (pdf),slides (ppt)

"Cross-Layer Optimization for Sensor Networks"
Yuecheng Zhang, Liang Cheng (Lehigh University)
paper (pdf), slides (ppt)

"Dynamic Server Selection for Large Scale Interactive Online Games"
Bong-Jun Ko, Dan Rubenstein (Columbia University), Kang-Won Lee, Seraphin Calo (IBM T.J. Watson Research)
paper (pdf), slides (ppt)